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If you could make a Pace Bus Route


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As the title says, if you could make a viable bus route, what would it be?

1) Number

2) Route Name

3) Major Areas Served (Roads, Landmarks, Trains, etc)

4) Possible Side Deviations (School service, Business Ctr's)

5) Type of schedule (High-Frequency, Low-Frequency, Rush Only, etc)

7) Any additional notes and/or optional reasons


1) 227

2) Rand Rd - Lake Zurich

3) Lake Zurich, Deer Park, Palatine, Stonebridge Apts, Randhurst Shopping Ctr, Rand Rd, Des Plaines Metra

4) Palatine High School, John Hersey High School

5) Medium to Low-Frequency

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  • Backup facts and explain your positions. If making a statement of fact, always provide supporting evidence. For opinions or suggestions, always provide justification for your position. For example, do not suggest changes to CTA routes or operations without providing reasonable justification.
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