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I've recently discovered that Pace GIS maps seem to include, among other things, ridership data for each individual stop. Previously, this information was thought to be unavailable to the general public.

To view this data, find APC_Ridership in the Layer List, and select View in Attribute Table from the options for that layer. The table that will appear includes fields called SUM_AVG_ON and SUM_AVG_OFF. My best guess is that these were calculated by using the door counters to determine how many people got on and off at each stop on each trip. The per-trip numbers were averaged over a seasonal period, then summed to get the average boardings and alightings per day per stop.

The STOP_ID field is also interesting. It appears the first three digits represent the route number, but the stop ID doesn't change if its corresponding route is discontinued or rerouted. For example, route 508 has stop IDs beginning with 501, 502, 503, and 506. Those stops were served by the respective routes before 508 was created in 2008.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things here that might be of interest. This could be a useful reference for some of our forum discussions.


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