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Metra Rolling Stock Deliveries and Assignments


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This topic will cover new equipment acquisitions in upcoming months and years, including the rest of the F59s, SD70MACHs, and whatever else is planned such as the 200 railcars and possible eight Tier 4 locomotives. It will also cover equipment sent for or recieved from rebuilds and overhauls.

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On 9/26/2019 at 3:37 PM, WCR said:

Interestingly, there seems to be more of a priority on returning rebuilds to service rather than placing new (used) power into service. Either that or it's just varying between the BN and MD.

I know some stuff needs the "Metra" upgrade (or downgrade depending how you look at it). But lets face it, they cry shortage of power but sure are dragging getting the Amtrak F59s out and running. Some of the F40s are staggering and as predicted when they arrived, the MP36s shake rattle and roll. Fall behind on schedule and your chance of making it up is slim, very slim. I am speaking of the MD...don't know enough about the BN !

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On 8/17/2020 at 4:35 PM, Mr.NewFlyer1051 said:

looks like it will go into service on the UP-NW since it’s “North Western” it’s being transferred to UP yards for inspection 

They should run this on the North line. It would be nice to see the CNW locomotive, Car 553 followed by a repainted RTA gallery car in CNW colors stop at Winnetka with the building saying Winnetka CNW RY.. that would be epic.


7abfe30a212c40336f2410bc9c746910.jpg repaint in CNW colors

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