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2 hours ago, artthouwill said:

assuming Bridgeview (Southwest) isn't large enough to handle that.

The assumption isn't that, but that something like 877, 888, and 895 would come back. Only thing that might be in play is a proposal to connect I-294 to Route 855 at Burr Ridge.

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Pace Planning and Infrastructure Meeting ended up all over the place, but there were incidental mentions about the River and Wheeling garages, including that River would be expanded and initially would be part electric and part diesel. The main issue is money, and Metzger mentioned that a 135 bus garage (which would be Wheeling's size) might be something like $400 million (as opposed to what I believe was about $65 million for a CNG garage), and provisions for electrification are being made in the South Campus construction.

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On the Project Zero page, Pace noted:

A new Northwest Division facility in Wheeling is being retrofitted to become a CNG fueling station. More than 100 low-emission buses will be operated from this garage by 2023


...the agency has also acquired land in Wheeling to replace its current Northwest Division, which will feature exclusive CNG technology among 115 new vehicles. ...

Nonetheless, Pace recognizes that both diesel and CNG are fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions. Moving forward, Pace will curtail new spending on diesel vehicles. Similarly, Pace will limit expansion of CNG technology to the current South and forthcoming Northwest Division operations.

So, it appears that despite a disappearance, the Wheeling Garage is back on. Unless work has been going on behind the scenes, it isn't going to be "by 2023," and some time in 2023 seems pretty aggressive. But this was taken from Driving Innovation; the Transition Plan says 2026-2027 for the 47 buses originally mentioned when the Board authorized the contract.


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