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Edgewater Metra Station


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10 minutes ago, Busjack said:

So you live near Rahmūüę°

The problem you mention is quite common. Just about anywhere near Jefferson Park and Edgebrook* stations is zoned parking. The situation in Evanston is about the same. I asked an alderperson about the weird residential street parking regulations** and about every other parking space being a separate zone code on the kiosk or app, and was told "we don't want Metra passengers parking all day on the street."

From my example of when I lived on that part of Ridge, I assumed walking 2 blocks to the Ridge entrance, and, unlike @strictures, assume someone still lives in the building, which is still there. There's plenty of people living around Damen and Devon within walking distance. But it surprises me that so many need a park and ride near Ravenswood.


*A few years ago, I dropped someone off to see a doctor at Central and Devon, and had to park one street short of Lincolnwood. Unfortunately, Grayland Station wasn't open.

**Someone who had just moved to Evanston complained that she had been ticketed twice.

I had the same reaction when CTA doubled or tripled parking rates at lots such as Rosemont, but it didn't seem to hurt demand. At least the village lot in Skokie is less than the CTA lot.


Part of the current issue for my block and some others in the area like I was explaining to Art is that a number of parking spaces are already under reservation for residents that have disability parking permits and the disability parking stickers on their windshields. The remaining parking is limited to the point I mentioned above of just one neighbor having a visitor can trigger a resident parking at least a block from their front door.

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Skokie having lower rates did not stop passengers to double park to wait for residents to leave so they can take the space. This was the practice when I lived across from the Swift about 50 years ago. The parking rate was a quarter at that time. Fortunately it did not effect me as I walked to the Swift on my way to work at CTA.

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