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O'Hare Express Trains

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1 hour ago, Tcmetro said:

The Midway stop serves as a local bus connection and probably generates more traffic from that than from the airlines. 

The O'Hare stop basically only serves people who have some business at the airport (maybe there are a few people transferring to the 250/330), and employees get a special pass that gives them a regular fare. 

Ok? That still doesn't make it right, in my opinion. Besides, people coming from Midway on the bus can still get a transfer, so it won't really affect them. I still say $5 for both or not at all

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34 minutes ago, geneking7320 said:

When I visited DC back in 2000 I used Amtrak to get to BWI. I was in Baltimore during the week and then took MARC to DC. To return home to Chicago I took Amtrak from Union Station because MARC (which would have been cheaper) did NOT run on the weekend. What mode is fastest to BWI from downtown Washington?

Oh, that's all changed now. Penn Line has weekend service and bike cars now. Acela is fastest (if it stops at BWI, not all do), then medium haul Amtrak trains (everything going south of VA), followed by regular regionals and then MARC. Not a huge difference in travel times, it's about ~30 mins, with maybe 1-3 minutes save between each service

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