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CTA Heritage Fleet


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21 minutes ago, YoungBusLover said:

if you can fix up #301 & #8499 after all these years

301 (still in operation as of the CTA at 45 book, i.e. at 30 years ago after being in service 30 years) was credited to the standard of maintenance at Forest Glen. I suspect that 8499 was kept around just because it was so freaky.

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12 hours ago, YoungBusLover said:

Man if I could I could  I would pull that bus out on Halsted ????


I've definitely asked around about it over the past few months and I've gotten nothing but it's a fluid situation on whether or not they want to add it or not to the heritage fleet. I'm thinking to myself if you can fix up #301 & #8499 after all these years #6163 should be a cake walk but it isn't that simple as it looks.

Yea it should hell she still runs good just need minor work 

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