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  2. Apparently no 79 buses are going west of Pulaski
  3. Took these during my grocery shopping in Oak Park/River Forest
  4. Must’ve been because of the Uptown Target protests
  5. Well, not sure what’s going on this morning. Boarded a 79 bus for Ford City after having to run across the street to catch it (about 7 people waiting for a bus). Driver skipped a lot of people, at least 10+ folks waiting at the Red Line, Halsted, Racine and the 30-something folks on an artic that stopped at Wentworth. We get to Western, only for the supervisor to say she was going to Pulaski/81st instead and now there’s a 25 min wait for another WB bus. I’m at 79th/Western as I type and for once, there are no CTA buses here, layover or otherwise, and it’s been like this for at least 10 minutes.
  6. From about 3pm yesterday Red line: Howard to Sheridan Brown Line: Kimball to Southport Purple Line Express: not running south of Howard From about 6:15pm Red Line; not running Howard to Sheridan
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  8. the 76 has its own 1 bay
  9. CTA service suspended at 9:30p Green Line trains did not run through, can't say for the rest of the lines. Trains were stopped and inspected for passengers before continuing, although Lake Branch Green Line trains didn't run through. Terminus for trains as follows: Orange Line: Midway to 35th/Archer Green Line: Harlem to California, 47th to 63rd Brown Line: Kimball to Belmont Purple Line Exp: Linden to Belmont Red Line: Howard to Belmont, 47th to 95th Pink Line: 54th/Cermak to Western Blue Line: O'Hare to Western, Forest Park to Western Almost every grocery store near us had been hit and we couldn't get to the ones downtown, so we ended up going to the Whole Foods in River Forest. Had to take the 75 to the 94, then get on the Green Line. Lot of people waiting for the bus at 47th/Western, for the 47, 49 and 94.
  10. SEPTA had a crash, and a litigation-crazed plaintiff sued everybody in the U.S.A., including the CTA (!), seeking damages. The CTA 6000s were taken out of service, and caused the Authority to insert a clause for all the out-of-service rail cars which had been retired (and subsequently sold) that they were not to be used in passenger service. 😞
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    More Bus Moves

    Yea good wasnt no passengers on the bus
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    More Bus Moves

    I am no longer posting here. But when an emergency situation occurs when transit service is no longer operational, I will claim an exemption. Lots of people have been really stupid the last four years. This includes people whose political beliefs are on both sides of the aisle. [N.B.: I am a Political Science graduate of UIC(C). I know what I talk about.] The last time my Ventra® card was hit was in the early morning hours of 12 March, on the last route #54 Cicero bus which ran through from 24th Place to Montrose. I was returning from a sexpositive assemblage at Draft Picks in Naperville, IL. via the BNSF Metra train line. (I do not know how to react contemplating how many sexpositive persons would not interface with me because they were leary they would catch a horrible communicable disease for which there was no cure and a quizzical treatment, and they non-consensually caught one anyhow from people who were not sexpositive and would probably recoil in horror if they knew they themselves were into alternate sensual expressions.) But that was not my last ride to date on a transit vehicle. I miss being able to travel to my favorite craft beer venues. Sadly, some of them have already announced they will not reopen. I re-dedicate myself to supporting small, independent restaurants via takeout orders. Especially at learning how much third-party delivery services like Grubhub® charge. So that means I send myself to these venues: On a CTA bus. My father died back in October 2015. His heart eventually gave out. But, in his general prescriptive regiment, he was issued a bunch of surgical face masks and vinyl gloves. The abode here still has never been cleared out. So when this pandemic really rang on, the boxes with these items were pulled to the surface. Every time I go outside, I wear these. (I have been issued a face mask on one trip to Tokyo, Japan, so it is not that unusual for me.) I've rode to venues on both Cicero Ave. and Belmont Ave., including noteworthy shops like Nottoli & Son Italian Sausage Shop & Deli. I have gone as distant from here to Cermak Rd. in Cicero, to have italian beef sandwiches from Scatchell's Italian Beef & Pizza. (And I threw in an impromptu shopping trip [because I needed a bathroom break] at the Aldi® across 47th Ave. which turned out to be highly satisfying when it was blowing out 4-pack 16-oz. cans of a craft beer which I loved, but had not glimpsed at the Aldi's closer to the abode.) On another outside jaunt, I was on a southbound #54 bus from Belmont to Fullerton between the weekday rush hours to shop at Dollar Tree and to buy a pizza from Cochiaro's Pizza for dinner. The operator of my 40-foot bus stopped on the northwest corner of Cicero & Fullerton {blowing the signal} to let me off. She then blew past the posted stop for the route because she felt social distancing was impossible at that moment on the bus. That is the prime reason for 60-footers on #54 Cicero. Separately: Forest Glen garage could cut back the #56 Milwaukee route to Jefferson Park to Logan Square. But then, it would not have a route operating into the Central Business District. Would you reassign the #151 Sheridan runs from Belmont|Halsted to Union Station to it for this purpose? (Would 40-footers be sufficient for it?) The Logan Square station does not need multiple bays for route #76 Diversey. If we have to stress to riders the necessity to read and listen to destinations on a bus route, we should.
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    More Bus Moves

    Dam I hope everybody cool
  15. Oh, I know what I did wrong, thanks for telling me a bus driver got into the crash and not protesters. I thought it was protesters but now I know I am wrong and thanks for telling me a bus driver was driving it.
  16. Don't spread rumors and actually get your information from factual sources. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2020/6/1/21277207/cta-bus-crashes-rogers-park-building-1-injured
  17. CTA bus number 1883 got into a crash earlier today after being stolen by the crazy protesters that are robbing places.
  18. Sad when ANY BUS crashes into a building.
  19. So a Report of CTA Bus has crashed into an apartment. Sadly it was a New Flyer #1883. Crashed happend at Clark & Rogers/Jarvis Ave
  20. I don't think they drove through Minneapolis or St Paul either. I'm pretty sure they used the I- 694 bypass which runs north of both cities. It's actually a little faster than going through the Cities.
  21. I think they are different models. Boston has the XDE40 (hybrid), while Pace has the XD40 (diesel-only). They do look pretty much the same from the outside, because Pace ordered their XD40s with the extended roof fairings that come standard on the XDE40.
  22. Good question. I would imagine the 6 running to 47th, if at all. The 8 and 9 could run in 2 sections, from 47th south and from Fullerton north. I would run the 3 and the 4 as an interline. NB 3s become SB 4s and NB 4s become SB 3s. Considering 47th is a mess, are they turning buses at 51st? Yesterday the exit ramps to 87th and Garfield were backlogged onto the Dan Ryan. Exits to Canalport, Roosevelt, and Congress (Ida B. Wells) were closed. Quick rant. How come Welks wasn't renamed Ida B. Wells? Now we have an intersection of Ida B. Wells and Wells. The 28 already ends at 47th and the 15 can handle Jeffery without the J14. I do think there will be a lot of pressure on East West bus routes, especially those that connect to rail service from 47th south and Fullerton north. I would also assume Brown Line trains are running shuttles between Kimball and Belmont. Are Orange Line trains only running between Midway and Western? How about Pink Line trains between 54/Cermak and Western? I'm guessing Green Line trains run Express from 47th to California? Blue Line trains running Express between California and Western Forest Park branch? I'm sure Red Line will run Express from 47th to Fullerton. Will some dummy attempt to pull the cherry in the downtown zone? With CTA suspended all service again for lockdown (curfew)?
  23. The 47th, Western, Fullerton cordon is in effect once again. Not sure what this means, since some routes can be expected not to run (such as 1, 2, 31, downtown only routes, etc) but not sure what this means for routes that have a significant portion of their route inside the affected area (6, 9, 35, 50, etc)
  24. As of today, most service is operating except the Niles Service and the I-55 Corridor. ADA will adhere to the downtown zone restrictions. Stay safe.
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