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CTA Bus Joyrider


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The poster who most recently brought it up is here; especially then commenting for some strange reason about why people drink.

Personal reason... Just frustrated how someone can pick a bottle of beer over a adorable baby and endanger both the baby's and my best friend's lives' by drinking a 24-30 pk. in one day... It's something that shouldn't be on this forum, I know... I was just irritated by a drunken tale I was told by the child's Mom earlier that week.

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Back in the 90s, a 9800 from Forest Glen was parked facing sb on Princeton, at 63rd. I later found out it had been stolen. It's funny how "foamers" of all stripes do these things. Good thing trains are confined to tracks.

I'm surprised they don't have a mechanical gate at FG, especially along Elston to deter from this. They could keep it open in the daytime and close it when it gets later at night. When the garage is full of buses there is a blindspot, unless someone comes along a person cannot be seen. At NP I believe they have a gate on Kedzie by the shop area that's closed quite frequently. The other entrance on Foster is manned with employees. Seems to me the problem at Fg is a design issue. It's funny no one even mentioned this when we had 911.

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I'm surprised they don't have a mechanical gate at FG, especially along Elston to deter from this...

As I noted earlier, there is a security breach in that the two gates are kept open for the regular route for 85. I suppose that a "garage door opener" could be installed in each bus to operate the gate, but then you have just one more piece of additional equipment that a FG bus needs just because it is stored outside.

I agree that NP appears more secure than FG. Having a public street running between the two FG yards probably doesn't help matters.

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For this second incident I heard my friend from Kedzie Garage said the general manager got fired for this second CTA bus joyrider.

Do you mean the.GM from 77th? It would seem strange that anyone from Kedzie would be let go, seeing the K was the garage that spotted and detained the suspect. Because this was a second incident which was fairly close to the first, even though another garage was involved, someone had to ne the scapegoat for CTA's lack of a security policy.

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Looks like it happened again, only in Cleveland, not Chicago...(Story)

From that description, it sounds more complicated than just a supervisor giving a bus to an imposter.

Maybe, though, he was heading to Oswald's and Lewis's house to get some home brew. :lol:

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