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New Pace Paratransit Vehicles


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13 hours ago, artthouwill said:


That's crazy.  I guess the MV Transportations and the First Transits of the world laid a blueprint and a lot if small paratransit operators cashed in.  This seems to be working better than private contractors for transit agencies and it didn't work as well for Coach USA  and Travelways (Vector).

Historically  company owners that sell get contracts from the buyer to continue to run the company, hence CDT and SCR management still run the companies.  Sam Van Galder still ran Van Galder Bus after he sold to Coach USA.  From what I can tell  considering these buyouts, I only know of one owner who sold, gor a contract to continue to run the company but was forced out before that contract expired 

These buyouts are putting the squeeze on DBE companies or the number of DBEs that can do business with Pace.   Unless minority owned school bus companies can get in the game somehow, the big boys have the Pace contracts locked. Art's Transportation was the last (school bus) company to lise the Oace city paratransit contract.  They also list the Board of Education contract which put them out of business    He wasn't a minority owner, but the point is that school bus companies may be large enough to challenge the current companies for future contracts.

That’s true, the original owners “still” run the company up until we( National Express)got the new pace contact. Once everything was final, National Express fully took over

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On 7/22/2022 at 7:16 PM, artthouwill said:

Keeshin sold to Coach USA and thus was an owned entity 

CUSA bought out the various companies they took over, but would keep previous management in charge. If they took over several in an area, usually (but not always, like in NJ) they got consolidated.

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