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METRA Locomotive Wish List

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On 3/3/2019 at 4:06 PM, trainman8119 said:

As I remember, when the MP36s came in, the UP told Metra they didn't want them, period. It wasn't bridges but they were

too big and heavy for the coach yards. Now this stuff they are getting again, there will be issues. For example, they won't be

allowed in Antioch because 6 axle locomotives are not allowed in the Antioch coach yard. So, my guess is the bean counters

ordered the stuff without seeing where or how they can be used. Once the FP59s are in service, the UP is supposed to get 

any remaining running F40s will be sent there, and the rest will be scrap. BTW, 215 is being cannibalized and will soon be headed

for the scrapper.

Interesting indeed.... so in a sense the partner rail line are halting the over all refresh of new engine over the system, due to requirements etc. So the new freight loco's more than likely would go to  Metra ran lines, and would BNSF be able to host 6axles in its yard?

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40 minutes ago, andrethebusman said:

Wasn't 215 the one that did a nice somersault in KY last year?

204 and 205 were in the Tennessee derailment. 215 caught fire in Morton Grove in December.


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