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20 hours ago, maths22 said:

They still don't document it for download (or probably intend for it to be downloaded), but I just looked at how https://tmweb.pacebus.com/TMWebWatch/ is pulling its data and pulled it from the same source.

From what you said above, I got your drift. The page source (using that browser command to view it) isn't straight HTML, but various calls to Google apis using scripts. Since you know what those mean, you could develop something.

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I wonder if the following is possible. I suppose a  524 could become a 530, but not 722 while it is still 530, unless the 530 didn't clear on an interline..


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48 minutes ago, rotjohns said:

Any update as to when the 22300s will be added to this tracker?  

They are already there. They at least show up in the History, as below:


Apparently, though @maths22 needs to add them to the "In Service" and "Archive."

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6981-6983 show up in the History but not in the "In Service" or "Archive" windows. Batch is 6980-6986.

Looking in the History 22301-22306 were all in service at Heritage yesterday.  22300 has not been used since 9/12 and was seen at South Holland in mid-October.

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