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CTA ridership lost to ride share

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41 minutes ago, andrethebusman said:

CTA still gets ORD business because the Kennedy is often VERY slow.

True. The same can be said for the Stevenson at times when it comes to Midway. The Orange Line doesn't exactly hurt on that front either if the earlier morning service between Midway and downtown is any indication. Service in that 3:30 AM to 4 AM timeframe on weekdays and Saturdays got transferred from the N62 to the Orange Line just recently.

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3 hours ago, artthouwill said:

Let me clarify pooling as it relates to CDT and  CAR under Pace ADA

ADA was always supposed to be a shared ride, and also a feeder to a fixed route within 3/4 miles. It certainly seems like Pace got away from that in the suburbs, although apparently not with regard to the shared ride and the city contractors.

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