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December 2018 Bus Changes

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7 hours ago, andrethebusman said:

So if 55 needs a fill-in, pulling an electric off 63 might not be too good an idea.

They both lay over at Midway, so what's the big deal? Same theory as that any route out of Navy Pier could go electric. Also, CTA demonstrated on route 21 that they can go 8 hours between recharges, and the batteries now have 3 times the capacity.

7 hours ago, andrethebusman said:

the plan is to have "mixed service" with both electrics and diesels on the route. Kind of hedging your bets? 

The "first to arrive by the end of [last] year" didn't happen, and it was supposed to be gradual delivery of the base order of 20 Proterras, plus rebuilding 2 NFs. 66 needs about 23 buses, and 63 19 buses (at 8 a.m., per @maths22's tracker). Whatever the motivation, you do the math.

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