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New Eldorados?


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You see all those don't sound the same because they have a different engine for example in 2006 they have a Cummins 6.7 ISB, and right now the Eldorado national axess 30ft diesel buses has a Cummins L9 since #20300 is in service for Route 524 Departing Woodmans

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2 hours ago, artthouwill said:

It was a joke!  Apparently no one got it


2 hours ago, NewFlyerMCI said:

If it helps, the joke and this response did actually make me chuckle out loud 🤣

Omg you guys are so funny I still remember that 6568 joke from two years ago😂 apparently I don’t get jokes immediately until you Tell me 😆

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There's only a handful of 2600s in rotation now. And 2826-2829 aren't leaving anytime soon, one of them just got a bus wrap. You don't wrap a bus if it's retiring. The 20300s will be sporatic until spring before we see a full fledged retirement or movement of any 2600s.

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On 2/26/2021 at 12:12 PM, Erin Mishkin Jr. said:

Also 20308 20311 20314 20317 20322+ are still awaiting service.











And more are coming soon

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6 hours ago, twyztdmynd said:

Again with the CNG top but diesel buses. I can't find, was this a contract option being exercised or an entirely new contract?

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1 hour ago, Erin Mishkin Jr. said:

image.thumb.png.d99aa78c3da48fd6400599cccb54d3f5.pngOlder Eldorados are getting the new shields the 20500's have. 6353 is the first I've seen so far with the new shield.

New shields ehh just like the CTA Kinds right?

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