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52 minutes ago, Shannoncvpi said:

Yea I'm guessing all of the 6400s been taken to 7 cause all the ones we had at K are gone 

Correct all the ones that were at the other garages including the ones that were at Kedzie are now in the boneyard awaiting to be put in their final resting spot.

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9 hours ago, Antwan4000 said:

As of Sep 8, 2022 when I Type in ctabustracker.com/bustime/map/getBusesForRouteAll.jsp to find the Run Numbers & Op on whose driving, it just Takes me to ctabustracker.com/home.  Any reasons why?

Because it has been updated and the new version does not use that address.

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Here are several rapid transit proposals for the northwest side of Chicago from a 1962 engineering report. 


It's interesting as the proposal that details a rapid transit line via the median strip of the expressway (what eventually became the Blue Line) included recommendations to build stations at Lawrence, Foster-Central, Nagle, and Canfield.

The document was titled "Northwest Chicago Corridor Transportation Study: Engineering Report." A digitized version exists online, but it doesn't include all of the figures.


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11 hours ago, artthouwill said:

So was it a case of Black ice?  Obviously there wasn't a lot of snow.  Or was there some Lake effect snow?

It was visible ice. Every street east of the Dan Ryan was covered with ice. No one pre treated the roads I guess. 

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