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1 hour ago, NewFlyerMCI said:

Is it worth is to short-turn some 29 trips at 69th? Is ridership south from 69th-95th sufficient enough that they haven't done this?

I think the reason why they all go to 95th is that they interline with other routes there

  If I'm not mistaken,  union rules requires lunch breaks for drivers have to be given within 4 or 5 hours after the start of an 8 hr shift.   This alignment can achieve that whether the 29 is the first or last trip.

Your idea would work better if 77th or 74th handled the 29.  I think most point to points along the State St corridor actually take the Red Line.

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1 hour ago, Shannoncvpi said:

So Saturday day night I was pulling into K I was racing up in there & a car came out of the door where buses pull in at almost smacked the lady car have drivers at and other garages had that almost happen before 

The last place you should race is the garage (garage, yard).

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Good lord, I have a story. I just started work today, and my commute is the 79 + 379 (or 390 if the timing is right). First issue was lack of buses towards Ford City, I got to the stop and I hadn't missed a bus, but a Ford City bus wasn't coming for 25 mins. I boarded one towards Western, and after speaking with a supervisor at 79th, a number of buses are only doing Lakefront-Red Line or Western-Red Line and that a lot of the artics being used aren't actually using the head signs (they're saying "Instruction Bus" or "Chicago My Kind Of Town") so they're not showing up on the tracker and passengers don't know where they're going. My bus was actually ending at the Red Line until the supervisor told her to continue to Western. 

We got to Western where I and several others were waiting for a Ford City bus. During this time, another artic pulled up (w/o headsign) headed WB, came into the terminal with about 5 passengers, held at the Lakefront stop and sat there. Some time after this, a Ford City bus shows up, almost pulls up to the stop. The driver gets out the seat to count the amount of people left, then pulls up and says only the first 5 (there were 7 waiting to board) can get on, although she's at the front of the bus so not everyone outside hears. 5 get on (for 15 total) and a 6th person tries to board and she gets out the seat and starting yelling at him, just full on yelling to get off the bus, social distancing, something about the mayor, can't you hear, etc which prompts the other passengers to yell at her to just go ahead and drive. She's yelling at all of us now, and then says she's not moving until we get him off the bus. Eventually he leaves, and then the worst part: The artic leaves, w/o coming around to the Ford City stop and then heads WB on 79th, the same 5 passengers still on it. And then proceeds to pick no one up. So now, we've left, and there's a person waiting at like each stop btwn Western and the next viaduct, only for the bus driver to stop at each stop and yell through the window "due to social distancing, I can't let you on" so now the passengers are even more disgruntled and everything is a mess. Meanwhile artic ahead of us is finally picking up people, but I'm not sure why they didn't pick anyone up at Western or along that stretch of 79th. Overall, my trip should've been 1hr 20 mins, and was 2hrs 10 mins instead. Not sure what, but something needs to change. 

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