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North/North Shore/Northwest/River Divisions - Changes & Restructuring

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2 hours ago, BusHunter said:

What #206 changes? #206 is gone?

It's kind of weird but as many times as I've drove the edens I never saw a bus on shoulder yet. I think the traffic is pretty good north of Dempster and they don't really need a bus on shoulder. Usually the edens starts getting issues at Touhy sb.

The Tri state has consistently bad traffic especially up by O'Hare. How in the heck #895 keeps on schedule I don't know.

Only change to #206 is that some school trips now operate via the Church/Chicago routing of the now discontinued #205



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I heard a rumor that phase 2 of the North Shore Transit Coordination Plan will be put into effect in September. If so, then we should be getting information regarding Pace Routes 210, 215, 225, 226 & CTA Route 54A sometime during the summer.

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