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2400-series - Service Dates

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2 hours ago, BusHunter said:

Maybe someone is waking up and smelling the coffee. Orange line is a lighter demanding line on the 2600s. They might be repairing them to the point where they have an excess. What should have been done in the first place (not running 2600s on a 24/7 line exclusively,) is happening. You know on the weekend you barely see 3200s in rosemount yard. Why because they are in high demand. The 2600s are getting the rest they deserve. They are being fixed faster on the blue because they dont have hoards of cars needing repair. Plus they have extra downtime so they dont need to be repaired as much.  Its nuts. It's like having a new car in your garage and taking out the 20 year old car. Of course it will cost you more to run it and you will have the pains of interrupted service. Like I say things are so bad on the blue it has to be losing service. I bet service has came back with the 3200s but it will take a long time to regain the trust of riders left in the lurch. 

When did 3200s start seeing weekend service? Are they in midday weekday service yet?

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      With the 2400s due to gone by the end of 2014, any plans for a farewell? Since some 2400s are equipped as work motors, perhaps the most fitting sendoff would be have them run the holiday train (the Santa flatcar requires work motor cars).

      This could be a perhaps a grand send-off, as they would get a three week farewell tour of the entire system (and would be available for the public to ride, unlike a charter excursion).
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