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47 minutes ago, busfan2847 said:

Pace 831 posted a photograph on 8/31/2017 at Chandler ( https://chitransit.org/topic/1732-new-eldorados/?page=49 ) of 17522 behind a fence. If you blow up the image and look in the right hand doorway above the back of 17522 you will see 6366. Has it had a crash that has required Chandler to rebuild it or has it been decided it as beyond economic repair

If  you blow it up, it is this one:


About the only way to see it is to right click on open link in new window or tab, and then hit the magnify cursor.

I assume that since it is at Chandler instead of the back lot of West or South-2. there was some intent to repair it.

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6 hours ago, rotjohns said:

Looks like per the latest roster, 6366 is not in existence.  Skipped possibly?

It would appear that the Pace roster in question appears to be an "active" list. 6366 not listed because it is a shop hold? Maybe 2727 was too on the day the list was compiled, though that one showed up again a few days later. 

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